Manuscript evaluation and rejection criteria

                                                                Criteria for manuscript evaluation 

  • degree of correspondence with the thematic issues of the journal;
  • brevity and informative value of the title;
  • informativity, emphasizing the full content of the article in the abstract;
  • modern methodology of the problem approach, clear and detailed explanation (including analytical and statistical methods);
  • original character of the work;
  • the material explicitly presented and in accordance with the issues being discussed;
  • clarity, conciseness and accuracy of the article text;
  • importance and usefulness of the research;
  • scientific basis and value of the information communicated in the article;
  • relevance of bibliographic sources;
  • research contribution to the field of study;
  • clarity and accessibility of the expressive style;
  • grammatical correctness, accuracy of technical and stylistic aspects of writing.

                                                                                  Rejection criteria

  • the subject does not correspond to the thematic areas of the journal;
  • the manuscript was sent for examination inclusively to another journal;
  • the lack of novelty, impact and originality of the work;
  • the lack of rigorous description of the methodology (the research design, sampling and applied methods are not scientifically correct);
  • the quality of the manuscript is mediocre;
  • the clinical study/involving human/animal laboratory subjects was not approved by the ethics committee;
  • criteria for submission of manuscripts were not respected.