Archive Policy

The scientific journal One Health & Risk Management follows the requirements of the Green archiving policy (Green Road after Sherpa/Romeo), which can archive the pre-print and post-print or PDF/publisher version.

All the One Health & Risk Management issues are submitted (and are going to be submitted) within the digital archives from the country and abroad to ensure long-term digital preservation. All articles are stored by full-text digital archiving within:

In order to provide long-term digital preservation of all journal issues, we intend to apply for the LOCKSS archiving policy using the OJS platform (the journal's website hosting platform).

The magazine is currently negotiating with the Web Archive to apply for their archive platform.

The Journal Editorial Board further intends to submit an archiving agreement with Europe PubMed Central as an external party. 

These actions will prevent the loss of the journal issues due to internet connection stability problems or those related to the availability of the journal's website, as well as due to the occasional damage of the publishing house or the national archiving platform.