Reviewer Responsibilities

The reviewer should:

  • analyze the manuscript objectively, in accordance with quality standards (Evaluation form),
  • help the author improve the manuscript quality by means of  the Editorial Board, 
  • identify  relevant published works that have not been cited by the author (s) and warn about a substantially similar content to the work under review,
  • treat any manuscript submitted for review as a confidential document; respect confidentiality of  valuable information or ideas revealed in the peer review process and must not use them for personal purposes,
  • keep  confidentiality and  must not personally use the valuable information or ideas revealed during the review process,
  • refuse to review manuscripts, in case of suspicion of conflict of interest, regarding the subject being investigated,
  • help the editor to make decisions about the manuscript acceptance for publication.

The scientific journal One Health & Risk Management follows the (double-blind) review procedure for all submitted manuscripts. The reviewers  identity is not disclosed to the author (s) of the manuscript. The reviewers anonymity allows for objective evaluation of the manuscript by the reviewers and also excludes any authors  influence on the reviewers comments. The reviewers do not know the name of the author (s), but the opinions are transmitted to the Editorial Board for examination, which in turn communicates them to the author.