Responsibilities of Editorial Board

The Editorial Board:

  • is responsible for the quality of the materials published in One Health & Risk Management;
  • decides to accept or reject a manuscript for publication based on the manuscript importance, originality, clarity and relevance for the journal;
  • evaluates manuscripts regarding their intellectual content, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, ethnic origin, citizenship or political philosophy of authors;
  • presents the names of authors and co-authors on the published manuscripts, corresponding to the data submitted for publication;
  • protects  the evaluators identity;
  • does not disclose any information about the manuscript transmitted to anyone other than the author, reviewers, potential reviewers;
  • maintains confidentiality and does not use the personal information or ideas obtained in the evaluation process for personal benefit;
  • avoids manuscripts correction without authors and co-authors consent ;
  • cooperates with authors if a significant error is identified in the manuscript in order to correct the error or retract the manuscript;
  • rejects manuscripts in case of identifying conflicts of interest between author / authors and reviewers, resulting from competitive or collaborative relationships or other connections. It is the duty of the editor-in-chief to identify another reviewer who will review and accept the manuscript;
  • provides clear guidelines for authors to submit manuscripts for publication.