Open Access Policy

The scientific journal One Health & Risk Management accepts the statement on free/ open access publishing.

Thus, the complete abstracts and texts (in PDF format) of all published manuscripts are free  and available online for all readers, immediately after publication. There are no fees for accessing published articles and for downloading articles for academic use. Readers may use the materials complying with the copyright law (mentioning sources and authors in the case of citations, without the approval of the editorial board and authors). Open access to the scientific research results is supported by the international Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda initiatives.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative  declares the basic principles for new opportunities for scientists to access electronic editions, ensuring the review, preservation, archiving of scientific publications, copyright compliance and a broad free access to authors` publications.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative (for scientific literature) assumes that users have the right to "read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link" the articles presented in their entirety.

The Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing (proposed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute) implies open access, granting "free, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right of access to, and a license to copy, use, distribute, transmit, and display the work publicly and to make and distribute derivative works, in any digital medium for any responsible purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship" and from which every article is "deposited immediately upon initial publication in at least one online repository". The purpose of the Bethesda Statement is to stimulate discussions within the biomedical research community regarding open access to the primary scientific literature.

The Berlin Declaration on Open Access  defines Open Access as an exhaustive source of human knowledge and cultural heritage that has been approved by the scientific community. The importance of this Declaration lies in the fact that, for the first time, the funding bodies and research organizations have explicitly acknowledged that "our mission of knowledge dissemination is only fulfilled in half if the information is not available widely and accessible to society." The declaration promotes open access to scientific knowledge and cultural heritage.

In the Republic of Moldova, the state policy in the field of science and innovation is based on the Science and Innovation Code of the Republic of Moldova, adopted on July 15, 2004 (Law no. 259-XV), which provides for guaranteeing access to scientific information (științei-și-inovării.pdf).

The articles authors accept the Open Access through the signed declaration. They retain author rights to the unrestricted articles.

One Health & Risk Management journal does not charge filing or processing fees for manuscripts publishing.