Review stages

Review stages   

Before publication, each manuscript goes through the procedure of Double-blind peer review. See the evaluation form - here.

The articles proposed for publication in the One Health & Risk Management journal can be uploaded to the journal platform (after registration) or transmitted to the e-mail address:


Preparation of the manuscript for editing

The author should consult a specialist in linguistics for the language in which the manuscript is written (English, French), inclusively for the summary in English. At the author's request, the correction/editing can be done by the stylistic editor of the journal.

1. In the first stage, the Editorial Board analyzes the conformity of the manuscript with the thematic areas, technical editing recommendations valid for authors, the structure of the article (summary, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussions, conclusions). The author receives the confirmation of receipt of the manuscript with the registration number. In case of non-compliance, the manuscript is returned to the authors for revision in order to correct the irregularities.

2. In the second stage, the manuscripts that have received the acceptance confirmation by the Editorial Board, are distributed to competent specialists in the issue under discussion (from reviewer database). The manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers who do not know the identity of the author, the authors also do not know the identity of the referents, thus ensuring double and blind review system. If the two reviewers have different recommendations (one accepts, the other rejects), the article is offered for review at the third referent.

Based on the assessment criteria of the manuscript, the reviewers complete a standard form for each related article, which will include short information upon the level of compliance with these criteria. The article will be considered for publication according to this fulfilment form, being classified into three major categories:

A Category – accepted manuscript in the form presented by the author,

AC Category – conditionally accepted, returned for its further improvement manuscript,

R Category – rejected manuscript

3. In the third stage, the manuscripts that receive a positive opinion (A Category) from the reviewers are transmitted for stylistic correction. Later, the manuscript will be published in the running issue of the journal. The manuscript that partially comply with the scientific requirements (AC Category) are returned to the authors in order to make necessary corrections. Once the authors correct and submit the manuscripts for publication in due time, these are reintroduced within the assessment process mentioned above.

In case the manuscript is rejected, the author(s) receive a justified explanation from the Editorial Board. The author of the rejected manuscript (Category R) has the right to propose for publication other articles or an improved version of the rejected article in the next issue of the journal.