Advertising Policy

One Health & Risk Management scientific journal accepts the placement of advertising in paper and digital editions, while maintaining editorial integrity through policies that define the editor-publisher relationship. The purpose of placing the advertising texts is the accumulation of funds for the maintenance of the journal website and the possibility for authors to publish free of charge.

Advertising placement policy provisions:

  • advertising in paper and/or digital format does not influence the editorial decisions;
  • journal reserves the right to refuse any advertising that may cause conflicts of interest;
  • editorial board has full and decisive authority in approving the advertising both in paper and digital format and applying the advertising placement policy;
  • editorial content must not be compromised by commercial or financial interests or by any specific arrangements with clients or sponsors;
  • advertisement for products or services that may be harmful to health is refused (for example, tobacco or alcohol products);
  • advertisement content must clearly indicate the advertiser, the product or service offered;
  • advertisement exaggerated or eccentrically drafted is refused. Advertising texts will not be accepted if they contain licentious or offensive expressions, indecent images, or refer to content of a personal, racial, ethnic, sexual or religious nature;
  • any specific advertising campaign for the treatment to be directed to a particular article or medical condition presented in the article are not allowed;
  • spots for the advertising campaigns must comply with the national and international law regarding the regulation of advertising;
  • editorial content of the journal must be distinct from the advertising one;
  • advertising texts can be dispersed in the volume of the journal, but they must not interrupt the content of the articles. The journal's website will contain online banner advertising;
  • editorial board reserves the right to place the word "advertising" on any spot, where it is likely that it will be presented unclear, so that the reader could easily differentiate between advertising and editorial content;
  • agent and the advertising agencies must comply with the requirements and regulations related to this legal provision.


The protocol no. 1 of 06.02.2019 of the editorial board meeting.