Conflict Of Interest And Authorship Contribution To The Manuscript

The manuscript should be submitted and accompanied by the Cover Letter (download the Cover Letter template) and the Declaration form (download the Declaration template), which fully reveals any potential conflict of interest related to the manuscript,  including financial, advisory, institutional, and other issues that might lead to bias or conflicts of interests. If there are no conflicts of interest, the author/authors mention "nothing to declare". Additionally, the financial and material support is also confirmed or denied. All the funding sources should be stated within the manuscript. The relevant financial conflicts of interest should be included in the section Conflict of interest .

Authors must confirm their active participation within the study. Their inclusion is based only on the substantial contribution to the concept, model, data collection or analysis, result processing and interpretation of results or critical review.  All authors ‘ agreement on the final version must be submitted together with the manuscript. Those who also contributed to the research paper, such as the study participants, will be mentioned in the Contributions section.