Current epidemiological characteristic of chickenpox in Russia
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AFONINA, N. and MIKHEEVA, I. (2020) “Current epidemiological characteristic of chickenpox in Russia ”, One Health & Risk Management , 1(1), pp. 12-21. doi: 10.38045/ohrm.2020.1.03.


Introduction. The varicella vaccine introduction in the National immunization schedule is planned in Russia by 2020. Since 2013, vaccination against chicken-pox has been carried out according to epidemiological indications and as part of the regional immunization program in some regions.

Material and methods. A descriptive epidemiological study has been carried out to assess the current epidemiological features of chicken-pox in Russia. A retrospective analysis of the incidence distribution in the time, age and territorial aspects was carried out, as well as taking into consideration the number of doses administered to certain population groups. Materials for research include the official data on incidence of chicken-pox and quantity of varicella vaccine doses administered in 2006-2018 in the country in general, and in two megalopolises – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Results. It is established that long-term and seasonal recurrence, the age structure and the epidemic nature of chicken-pox incidence did not change in comparison with the prevaccinal period due to low vaccination coverage of the children in country scales. On the example of the immunization program in Moscow, it is shown that vaccination before attendance at childcare allowed to reduce the incidence of children at the age of 3-6 years. However, a long-term epidemiological effect was not achieved due to incomplete vaccination coverage of the entire cohort of children.

Conclusions. When introducing vaccination, it is necessary to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance of chicken-pox and its vaccine prophylaxis in order to timely respond to unfavorable trends of a shift in the age of chicken-pox occurrence.
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